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Zoom fatigue is real. The time is now to press pause on Zoom-based team building activities and provide your team something new to experience. 

Specifically designed for teams working from home around the world, virtual reality (VR) team building brings your team together like nothing else on the market. You can see, hear, and interact with each other through variety of fun activities!

We are fully booked for November and December and focused on scheduling awesome 2021 kickoff events!

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While participants may be around the world, we are only able to contract with US-based companies, offices, or subsidiaries. 

We are fully booked for November & December and are currently focused on schedule awesome 2021 kickoff events!

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Virtual Dodgeball

Unlike dodgeball IRL, dodgeball in VR doesn’t hurt your body (no dodgeballs to the head) or your feelings (pre-assigned teams). What it does do is create a fun opportunity for your team to relieve stress and bring out their inner-child. Through this experience, you’re sure to learn a lot about your teammates. :)

Virtual Paintball

Paintball is by far one of the most popular team outings around. The only downside is it hurts to get hit and the locations are typically 45 minutes outside town. With virtual paintball, you can give your team an amazing experience without the pain all from the safety of their home!

Virtual Laser Tag

Help your team relive their childhood and get the competitive juices flowing with laser tag in VR! Laser tag is one of the most popular games in VR and it’s easy to see why. High energy and realistic gameplay leads to loads of fun. This game provides the perfect blend of nostalgia and futuristic vibes.

Virtual Obstacle Course

In this high-speed obstacle course where every second counts, four contestants must sprint, climb, wall jump, mantle, and dodge hazards to survive. Pick the perfect route and execute flawlessly to set a record time and become champion! Do you and your team have what it takes?

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"THANK YOU SO MUCH for a totally unique and kick-ass event!!  I've gotten rave reviews, and I couldn't be more impressed with your professionalism and accessibility. The whole process from start to finish was so smooth and well thought out, and the support we received for the actual event was absolutely stellar (mega kudos, Robert!). And the experience itself was unforgettable - I haven't stopped blabbing to colleagues about how great it is and how they should do it. Two zillion thumbs up! (And yes, of course I'll give you a testimonial for Salesforce.)"

Jennifer Betowt
Employee Engagement Manager

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While participants may be around the world, we are only able to contract with US-based companies, offices, or subsidiaries.

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